Vitalité Hypocrite   I     Photo Series Paris 2019

After exhibitions in Germany, Düsseldorf and Berlin, humanist photographer Luis Nicolas Jachmann, a student at Sciences Po, asks the question of conscience - via his photo series Vitalité Hypocrite: Are we ready for a radical change? the end of the plastic empire? Or does consumption catch up with us and bind us with its spirit of waste?


His portraits on a black background join two more contrary than complementary worlds: the texture of the face consists of an organic product covered with colored plastic waste, products of everyday life. The expression of the face is reminiscent of fashion prints in magazines, on posters: attractive, manipulative, idealizing.


One thing is not (yet) possible without the other: the durable, the organic, is packaged in plastic. Daily life in supermarkets, production lines, our cycles. The return to the organic is put in the wrong light due to the relevance of the plastic.


At his first exhibition in France, Luis Nicolas Jachmann reminds us that we can all question our consumption. It is not to wash the conscience, but for a future worth living. For us and future generations. A photographic awakening, a colorful reminder that it's not too late to sharpen our senses in the face of social challenges.

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