As I finished high school, I already knew what I would like to be working for when I am older. One day I want to use my existing talent and my received journalistic skills to write, talk and shoot footage about social and political issues that are faced by major and minor parts of society. The main question was rather about how to get to this point and how to learn as much as I can about political structures and governance before I see myself ready to communicate. Before I can apply and share my knowledge in a proper way to make those issues understandable for the audience, I needed to broaden my mind - especially in a complex, digital and global world whose changes impact our daily life and the way we behave in a multiple social network. Therefore, I decided to study social and political science in order to get to know theories and empirical evidences of social patterns of humankind. 

I would be glad to represent a modern kind of journalism that does not know borders, constrains in terms of language but rather appreciates positive cooperation effects. I like the approach to do some research to really be a kind of a semi-expert of a topic – followed by field work, personal encounters and shared experience. As a journalist I think you have a responsibility to represent the perceived truth as you try to mirror some patterns of daily objectivity. And when it comes to personal opinions, it should also include a subjective perception. You should be open towards stories of a local as well of a global dimension. The best possible approach as a journalist is a humanistic one that represents different perspectives of societal change. That way you can contribute to a human globalization that connects people from various cultural backgrounds.

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