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Video Artist

Brasilien, Kamerun, Schweden - auch über Frankreich und Deutschland hinaus habe ich in den letzten Jahren Videoprojekte realisiert. Zwischen dokumentarischer Form und abstrakt.

Brazil, Cameroon, Sweden - I have also realised video projects beyond France and Germany in recent years. Between documentary form and abstract.

How powerful can hope that something crucial change become? Determined but limited by governmental decisions Carol starts her professional career in Rio de Janeiro. Various crisis have shaped the past four years of the country where she grew up. She just left a suburb near Rio to start a new period of her lifetime while Brazil is looking for a new approach to tackle its challenges.


Dança da Mudança

Trailer | Short Documentary

Director of Photography: Luis Jachmann

© Produced: Rio de Janeiro, 09/2022

Generations of swedish families were raised in kiruna. 150 km above the polar circle in lapland. in a town that would not exist without the extraction of iron ore. for more than a century. but the largest underground mine worldwide is still growing. so a whole town has to move. but how will new kiruna look like one day? an unique opportunity towards a modern sustainable future or the destruction of cultural heritage of sami inhabitants?

An iron vision


© Produced : Sweden, 2017







Not binding. All that. Not fixed. Slack. Small dialogue.

Ivresse Jaune

A film project

© Produced: Paris, 2017

The film tells the story of two lives that could not be more different: language, milieu, number of children, living environment may differ, but what unites both women are ideas about family, children and housework. A portrait of longing for emancipation, striving for happiness and satisfaction with what has been achieved. 


Trailer I Documentary

© Produced: Cameroon, 2015





A performance in the centre of the touristic flow.



A film project

© Produced: Paris, 2017

These are not fashion victims. How dare you? This is our future. It could, it should - it would - if we allow ethics to play a role in choosing fashion. Buy, throw, buy. Call it the glorious mantra of our era. With huge brands governing. But eras appear to find an end. Think twice before you call it trash. Trash is the utopia of the new era. Think twice before you donate to other markets smashing their own markets.

Reuse, recreate, rethink your fashion. And keep our animals in the forest. They are not eager to clothe you in the crowd. On the OPEN STAGE.


Open Stage

A photo project

© Produced: Paris 2020

In front of the lense: Joana / Berit

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